My name is Emma Louise Moore Hocutt, I was born in Delta County near Cooper, Texas. My parents were farmers, we did not have a lot of money. I did not realize until I moved to the city that we were very poor and very happy. I have always been very proud of my parents and my background. I had 5 sisters and 4 brothers we were and still are very close. I got married young and had 3 children before I was 21 years old. I was blessed with my children and my 20 grandchildren.

I realized as I started writing my introduction to you that East Texas is kind of a state of mind. Many of you in other states grew up with that same great feeling. I will always remember the country life and the happiness I feel when people speak of their upbringing. Whether you grew up in the city or the country. Please let me know some of your experiences. Many of my friends do not know my professional background. I began working in accounting and, with computers on the first-generation computers. I was involved in building 2 large businesses. My last 3 positions were Chief Financial Officer. I enjoyed all, working with computers more than anything. In my lifetime I have met many nice people and am fortunate to have them as friends.

Now I am starting a new career Blogging and, an E-commerce store. I hope you all will come and visit me on both.